Sunday, September 28, 2014

New PIMP line in the werrrks!

So this is new! I think I finally found a way to update my website that does not cause a headache. Seriously, why is this type of thing so complicated? Maybe I am just update-challenged, but regardless I have some news for all you fierce ones out there. It is finally happening! I am working up a new line of pimp wear and accessories. Of course I love making plush replicas of popular (and not so popular) video game characters, but I think it's about time to release something big. I have a brand new line of merch coming to my website that I am sketching up right now. I am so excited about this line and have been playing with the idea for a while now. Putting all my ideas into action has been the difficult part. Anyway, I hope you pimps are as excited as I am! Stay tuned to my website and my channel for more info. Love you guys! ;) ~MW