Monday, March 5, 2012

MadameWario RPG - Chapter 4 (Finale)

     Madame smiled to her team. She knew that the Mario brothers would never triumph over Lord Sesshomaru’s power, let alone the whole team combined. In result, the Mario brother’s freed Wario from his jail cell, and he instantly ran into Madame’s arms, ecstatic to be reunited with her.
     While Madame and Wario embraced, the Mario brothers made an attempt to flee the scene, but Puss in Boots stepped in, outsmarting them. “I believe there is a cell with your name on it,” he said, as Jack and Snow Miser grabbed up the two brothers and locked them in the jail.
     MadameWario turned to face the cell, “You two will be freed as soon as Peach gets what’s coming to her.”
     “Ooohh!” the brothers cried out in unison again.
     Madame pivoted back to face Wario. “All right, my love,” she said, “We have one more thing we need to take care of before we can go home and enjoy the rest of our party.”
     The team tiptoed up the cellar steps to the main floor of Peach’s castle where a party was taking place. The party had no guests, but did have an angry host and about fifteen mushroom-headed servants. Jack snuck up behind the princess who stood by a table of punch, and scared her almost to death. She screamed and shrieked as the Madame’s team surrounded her – all except Gooba who spotted Peach’s throne at the back of the room and immediately surrendered to everything else going on so that she could perch atop it.
     As the team stood surrounding Peach, six very familiarly shaped began to manifest in the room. Elmer, Fishy, Goth, Match, Sequin, and Midnight formed in front of the team.
     “My most courageous heroes,” Midnight addressed the team, “You showed outstanding bravery today as you travelled through each of our starry homes, and I applaud your efforts to save your friend in his time of need. For this, we stars would like to reward you.”
     Madame and Rosalina exchanged excited glances, and Madame earnestly began to thank the stars.
      “You get six wishes – one from each of us,” Elmer stated, smiling and eyeing Puss in Boots very intensely.
      Peach was trying to find a way to escape the crowd of heroes and stars trapping her, but knew it was useless. She was honestly baffled that the team had taken the star path just to reach her castle, and that thought alone made her scared to death.
     “Thank you so much, kind stars,” Madame nodded to each of the stars upon them. “I think one wish we can all agree on right now is to go back to mine and Wario’s estate so we can officially continue our anniversary situation.”
     “Then let us be off!” Sequin said.
     “Wait!” Madame pleaded. First, I have a request for the Toad’s here in the castle. Once we have left to go back to the anniversary party, go down to the cellar and free Mario and Luigi. You will find them in the cellar jail cell.” She turned her attention towards Gooba. “Gooba! Don’t you want to come back to the party?” Gooba simply ignored Madame, soaking up every moment of being admired on Peach’s throne.
     “Don’t worry, we can bring her back later,” said Fishy.
     And in the blink of an eye, the team, the stars, and Peach were all back at the Wario estate. The entire crowd was still there and had been waiting anxiously for the team to come back. Everyone burst out in applause at the sight of all six stars and the team in their glorifying moment of return.
     “You brought her back!” Bowser screamed, pummeling Peach at once. “Time to crash the party!” Bowser said, and in just a moment’s time with Peach in his grasp, he jumped into his Koopa-copter, which he had conveniently parked outside the Wario estate and flew off to take Peach up to his castle where he would hold her hostage until Mario managed to find a way to rescue her.
     The entire crowd cheered at this too, and from there, the team was able to make their six wishes. Snow Miser refused a wish, since his only wish was to dance with Madame at the party. Puss in Boots wished for a throne twice as beautiful as Peach’s to be displayed in Madame’s house so that Gooba would come back to the party so he could continue to flirt with her. And so, Gooba was returned to the Wario estate, perched atop the most gorgeous, sparkly pink throne anyone had ever seen. Jack Skellington wished to be escorted back to Halloween Town once the party was over since he had no idea how he had gotten to the Wario estate in the first place. Rosalina refused a wish as well since she claimed that she had all the stars in the sky to wish on, which made Luma giggle with delight. Hermione also passed on a wish since she claimed that being granted with the powers of magic was wonderful enough. Pinky wished for all the trees in the forest to be decorated in pink ornaments that matched her entire wardrobe so that she would not get distracted on the way to anymore of MadameWario’s parties. And Madame wished for a pair of golden-star boots for Elmer so that Puss in Boots would not be caught making any false promises.
     Before anymore wishes could be made and granted, Wario turned to Sesshomaru. “Sesshomaru,” Wario asked, puzzled. “Why did you go all that way just to save me?”
     Sesshomaru remained silent for a brief moment. “You owe me a mink,” he finally said. And with that Sesshomaru wished for a mink, which he received instantly.
     There was only one wish left, and since everyone had either refused or had been granted a wish already, Madame decided to ask for one last thing.
     “I have one last wish,” she said, “and that is for Peach to never be able to crash or ruin our parties ever again.”
     “Done!” all six stars said in unison, before spinning up in the air, sparkling the room with glittery dust, and waving goodbye.
     “I’ll be back to take you home, Jack!” Goth confirmed.
     Together, all the party attendants waved their goodbyes to the stars.
     Just before the stars dispersed, the six of them spoke in unison once more, “A toast to Madame and Wario who are both superstars!”
     And on that note, each of the guests toasted and continued participating in the celebration’s endless amount of festivities. All wishes had been granted and Wario was safely home with his wife. The team had triumphed and they all lived happily ever after as superstar heroes.