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MadameWario RPG - Chapter 3

     Bowser wasn't kidding. The once straight and paved golden path that lead from the Wario estate to Peach’s castle was completely torn up. The team would never find their way to the castle if they tried to follow it. Instead, Gooba aimed the team towards the forest next to the estate.
     “Our first star location is in the forest. It’s Tree Star Woods, I do believe,” Hermione stated.
     Madame’s sidekick, Pinky, who for whatever reason was not at the anniversary party, lived in the forest. Madame was sure that Gooba would be able to pick her up along the way to Tree Star Woods. Knowing Pinky, she had probably gotten distracted on her way to the party by a seemingly good-looking pine tree in need of decorating.
     A few minutes into the forest, Jack asked, “What’s that pink thing?”
     Madame turned her head. Sure enough, it was Pinky, and just as expected, she was decorating a pine tree with pieces of pink plaid fabric that just so happened to match the pink plaid outfit that she was currently wearing.
     “Pinky!” Madame shouted. Regardless of Madame’s annoyance, with Pinky as her weakness, she still found her to be exceedingly cute.
      Pinky looked up and saw Gooba with the team of people on her back. “I love you, Wumbo!” she yelled the second she saw Madame – that was her and Madame’s secret greeting to each other. “I’m sorry I am late for the party. This tree lacked pink.” she said clumsily.
     “Never mind that,” Madame said, “We’ve got a crisis on our hands. Wario has been kidnapped by Peach and Bowser has destroyed the path to Mushroom Kingdom, so we have to take the star path. We are on our way to Tree Star Woods right now.”
     “WHAT?!” Pinky shrieked.
     “Look, I’ll explain everything on the way,” Madame promised. “Just hop on.”
     As the team werrrked their way through their adventure, they fought and triumphed tremendously against enemies located throughout the forest that was Tree Star Woods. Behind Tree Star Woods’ largest elm tree was the Forest Star. The team then spoke with the Forest Star, Elmer, who was schmoozed by a talking “forest cat” who wore a pair of leather boots. The cat promised Elmer a pair of gold star boots if he let the team through, and because Elmer was so impressed with the cat’s articulation and manner, he agreed to let the team shoot on a star to Waterfall Star Stream. Although, something told Madame that Puss in Boots possessed no such thing to reimburse Elmer with, but she would deal with that later.
     From there, the team landed amongst a waterfall full of spikey fish ready for attack. However, Snow Miser used his freeze abilities to harden the waterfall, and so, the team slid down the waterfall to the frozen version of what used to be a raging river. The team then made their way behind the waterfall’s frozen base where a cave, which was home to the Water Star, Fishy, stood. Fishy was stubborn and angry that the team had frozen his beautiful waterfall and insisted on conducting a duel. However, Fishy was no match for Hermione’s magical dueling skills, and so the team went forward, traveling through a powerful water current that lead to a murky pond right smack in the middle of Spooky Star Valley.
     Jack’s talent for dealing with spooky things was superb, and so the he lead the team through a particularly scary haunted house in the center of Spooky Star Valley – all except for Gooba who was far too spooked to go near the house. Instead, she perched on a pile of leaves that resembled a throne right next to the house’s front gate in attempts to look beautiful. Meanwhile, in the house, Jack scared away even the most frightening ghosts, and soon, the team was in the house’s basement, face to face with the Spooky Star, Goth. Goth was quick and kept disappearing around the basement, reappearing in areas he had not last been in. Lucky for Madame, a star has substance, so she used her Rainbow Road Ribbon and whipped him. As he glowed in the dark unable to hide, Madame said the word “fierce” and shined as bright as 64,000 rhinestones. Afraid of the light, Goth swallowed his pride and let the team continue onward towards the sky. There was a super spring located in a pile of leaves outside, but unfortunately, Gooba, who had yet to swallow her pride, was blocking it. Sesshomaru then grabbed the team up, Gooba included, and flew towards Starry Star Summit, their next destination, following the spring’s path.
     The ultra-sparkly star road that was Starry Star Summit was swarming with poisonous fireflies. But, as soon as the fireflies caught site of the honorable Rosalina and her Luma, they lost their ferocity and bowed on the ground, honoring her presence. As the team floated through the glittering path, with the help of Rosalina’s wand, they came to the end of the road where the Starry Star, Sequin, resided. Rosalina expressed how thankful she and the rest of the team would be if Sequin showed them the way to their next destination. Sequin was most pleased with Rosalina and quickly offered her and the team a star to ride down to Hot Star Haven on.
     As the team stepped into the sweltering heated volcano of Hot Star Haven, Snow Miser helped cool the heat as best as he possibly could, and Hermione used her magic to put out some of the fiery flames that stung the air.  Making their way through the lava, the team reached the top of the volcano where the Hot Star, Match, danced. Because his feet were hot with power, he agreed to let the team pass if they were capable of beating him in a dance off. MadameWario and Snow Miser quickly accepted the challenge, dancing their hearts out using Madame’s Fierce Dance and wiping Match right off his feet. Soon, the team was on their way towards their final destination, Dark Star Dome, with the help of a molten lava rock to ride atop an erupting volcano.
     Dark Star Dome was trickiest of all and the hardest to describe. All that could be said about it was that it was absolutely pitch black. MadameWario used her Pimp Transformation to light the darkness, and when she accidentally bumped into something big, green, shining, and sticking up out of the ground, she saw a the Black Star, Midnight, perched atop it. The site of this made Gooba very jealous. Midnight was guarding nothing other than the pipe that lead to Mushroom Kingdom. He mocked Madame at first, teasing her for bumping into him. He was cruel with jokes and had the wit of ten men. Pinky stepped in front of Madame and snapped commands at Midnight, surprising him a bit. But the biggest surprise of all was when Gooba got so jealous of Midnight’s superb perch that she jumped on top of the pipe, knocking Midnight into the darkness, and perching atop the makeshift pipe throne to be admired. Without hesitation, the pipe sucked her in, and Sesshomaru, being the extremely fast demon that he was, grabbed the team up in his arms just as he had done before and shot down the pipe, the entire team in his grasp and Midnight still lost in darkness.
     Sesshomaru burst through a pipe in the cellar of Peach’s castle – MadameWario, Gooba, Pinky, Hermione, Puss in Boots, Snow Miser, Jack, Rosalina, and Luma all gripped tightly in his arms. In the corner of the cellar was the jail cell that held Wario captive. Guarding it was Mario and Luigi, scowling at the team in disgust, but also showing glimpses of extreme nervousness. The team then confronted the two brothers, MadameWario running straight to the bars of the cell and reaching in for Wario.
     “Huh?!” Wario said from his cell. “Madame?” he said in a loud, hopeful voice.
      “Wario! My beloved Wario!” Madame yelped as tears came to her eyes. “I have come to rescue you. How dare that Peach and these brothers take you into their custody!”
     “Not so fast!” Mario cried. “You’re no match for us!”
     Mario then ate a leaf, instantly transforming him into tanooki Mario, as Luigi ate a fireflower, instantly gaining the power to throw fireballs.
     “Shall I slaughter you two with my sword or my claws?” Sesshomaru asked most unconcerned with the situation.
     “Ahh!” the brothers cried out in unison, quivering with fear.

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MadameWario RPG - Chapter 2

     “I am taking this fool to my castle, where the real party is!” Peach’s voice shook idiotically. “And if you all are smart, you will come to my party too. After all, I am the real superstar!” Peach let out an annoying giggle. “There, I can be sure that this villain is not out and about among the decent people of the Mushroom Kingdom. He deserves to be put away, and I deserve to be celebrated!”
      Talk about Nintendo logic… Not only was Peach’s reasoning stupid and contradictory, but she was actually making herself into a villain by holding Wario hostage. That and the fact that she had not even realized that she had just invited a whole bunch of villains to her party by giving that idiotic speech just made her look even worse.
     “You will be safe there, don’t worry. Mario and Luigi have both agreed to guard Wario’s jail cell so that he cannot cause harm to any of the true heroes in attendance.” Peach smiled and waited for a reaction, although she didn’t get one. She spoke again, “And remember, I’m the best! See you at the party!” She stumbled up to the top of the pipe, the entire crowd before her dumbfounded. “And just so you know,” she gazed right into MadameWario’s eyes, “you are not invited.” Then, the pipe sucked her down.
     Peach enjoyed messing with Wario whenever they competed to become superstars in Mario Party, and picked on him endlessly. MadameWario certainly noticed this and highly disapproved of Peach’s actions towards her beloved, but that did not stop Peach from continuing to be a ruthless player. If only she could see the villain she was herself! That was it! Madame was going to go to Mushroom Kingdom, crash Peach’s fake party, and rescue Wario herself. Those two crush-struck brother’s couldn’t be that difficult to beat. Once Madame was successful in rescuing her beloved, she was going to confront Peach once and for all.
     Just then, as somewhat frantic chatter began to arise, another guest burst through the door, only this time it was more predictable who the character might be. He wasn’t invited, but then again, he wasn’t necessarily uninvited either. Bowser stood proud, a pair of sunglasses over his eyes. “Where’s that princess?” He shouted.
     “She just crashed my anniversary party, and she took my beloved Wario with her.” Madame fumed.
     “WHAT?!” Bowser shrieked! “No! I am the party crasher! Not Peach! What was she thinking?!”
     “She wasn’t thinking,” Rosalina chimed in. “She made a particularly monotonous speech, and then she left through a pipe with those two brothers.”
     “TWO BROTHERS?!” Bowser shrieked again, clearly shocked. “No…” he whimpered. “This was my big day! Never have I ever missed the opportunity to crash one of Peach’s parties, and here she goes crashing one herself. It’s just not fair! I came here specifically to kidnap Peach. I went to her castle about an hour ago, and she wasn’t there. Then, when that mushroom-headed idiot guard of hers shivered in fear and told me where she had gone, I came here instead, still fully expecting to kidnap her,” Bowser explained.
     “You can still kidnap her,” Rosalina added.
     “Where is she?” Bowser asked as his eyes swirled, boggling.
     “Back at her castle. That’s where the pipe she came in lead to. She told us herself.”
     “NO!” Bowser said. “Anywhere but back at the castle!”
     “Don’t worry.” MadameWario said confidently. “I am going to the castle. I am going to rescue Wario, whip those brother’s in the butt, and then give Peach what for!”
     “But you can’t…” Bowser said timidly.
     “What do you mean, I can’t?!” Madame snapped.
     “Well…” Bowser began fumbling with his claws. “On my way to your estate,” he began, “I sort of destroyed the main path to Mushroom Kingdom…”
     “YOU DID WHAT?!” Madame was furious. How could Bowser go all of these years fighting against Mario, and still be an idiot?
     “I didn’t know she would return to the castle! I thought my plan would work… I thought she’d be here for me to kidnap…” Bowser hung his head in shame.
     “I’ll fly there,” a deep and very sophisticated voice chimed in from the back of the crowd. “That man who is now being held hostage owes me a mink.”
     It was Lord Sesshomaru.
     “You can’t just fly there,” Hermione jumped in and protested. “The Mushroom Kingdom has very specific paths you have to follow in order to get there. If you cheat and go a way that is too simple, you’ll end up playing another game entirely and you’ll never reach your destination.”
     Hermione had a legitimate point. She waltzed up to Madame, turning towards her and looking her straight in the eye. “I’ll go with you on your journey,” she said. “After all, it’d be foolish for you to go alone.”
     “I’ll go too, and so will Luma,” Rosalina confirmed. Her Luma squeaked as it twirled in the air in excitement. “I know a path that will lead us to Mushroom Kingdom. It’s called star path, and there are six levels that lead up to our destination and six stars that will need a good talking to in order to let us pass through. I’m sure I can help you reason with them though, and Luma most definitely can too.”
     “I know the same path,” Hermione added, “but it’s tricky. There’s a star for every element. There is a fire star, a spooky star, a water star, a sky star, a forest star, and a dark star. The dark star guards a pipe that leads straight to Mushroom Kingdom, but he is not the most generous about letting people pass.” Hermione let out a breath. “Don’t worry, it’ll be an adventure!”
     “Wario has told me about some of these star locations.” Madame smiled to her friend, but then her smile quickly faded as she thought for a moment. “But just from the one’s he has told me about… How are we going to get past all the fire and lava of Hot Star Haven? How are we going to communicate properly with the ghosts of Spooky Star Valley? My powers don’t work against ghosts…”
     “If you need someone to cool the heat, I loooove making things freeze!” Snow Miser flamboyantly shouted from the bar. He had apparently decided to make himself another drink despite all the fuss.
     “So you’ll go?” Madame asked, hoping Snow Miser would agree.
     “Of course, my dear,” said Snow Miser. “How else would I get to dance with you?”
     Madame blushed.
     “Ahem,” Jack Skellington strode to the front of the room, “I am the king of Halloween and love a good scare. I could communicate with those ghosts of Spooky Star Valley. Heck, I could govern them! I’ll go too.”
     Madame was ecstatic. “That’s so fierce!” She called for Gooba and headed for the door, her team behind her. “Let’s werrrk it, pimps!”
     “What about me?” Bowser asked, still frazzled from earlier.
     “Well,” Madame began, “You said yourself that you love crashing a party. Is this not a party we’ve got going here?”
     Bowser’s eyes began to boggle again. “It is! Don’t worry, Madame! I’ll watch your party for you! Just promise you’ll bring me back that princess once you’re through with her.”
     Madame laughed, “I promise.”
     And with that, Madame jumped on Gooba’s back followed by Hermione, Rosalina, Jack, and Snow Miser. Puss in Boots jumped and sat in front of Madame. “Are you coming too?” she asked him, surprised.
     “Well you see,” Puss in Boots cleared his throat, “I have been schmoozing milady all day,” he said, eyeing Gooba. “I can’t leave her now in her time of need.”
     Madame rolled her eyes. “All right, welcome to the team,” she said. Madame was well aware of Puss in Boots’ talent for schmoozing people anyway. He could serve the team well.
     As Gooba strode through the Wario estate’s front door, Madame’s team on her back, Madame noticed Sesshomaru following behind them. He did not agree to be on the team, but from the looks of things, he was not going to ask or volunteer either way.
     Madame glanced towards him thoughtfully. “Thank you, Sesshomaru,” she said. He simply looked at her and then fixed his gaze straight ahead as he walked beside Gooba.
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MadameWario RPG - Chapter 1

     On the one year anniversary of MadameWario’s marriage to Wario, the couple planned to host a party for all of their friends and favorite people, many of which were villains due to Wario’s maniacal past, to celebrate with them. Since meeting Madame, Wario had been able to cleanse himself for the greater good, transforming from the greedy and somewhat sloth-like villain he was to a strong and confident hero, especially in the world of parties. Because of Wario and Madame’s shared passion for Mario Party games, Wario become more than a hero, but a superstar. However, there was one person who was always trying to beat down the couple’s superstar success – Princess Peach. Because of Wario’s weakness for gold coins and fortune, the couple possessed extreme wealth, and therefore, had planned the most extravagant party possible, making sure not to invite Peach, that way, she couldn’t possibly ruin anything for them. At the party, there would be cake, dancing, a pool, and a spa, a racetrack, an arcade, a feast, and a bar. The activities were endless! However, the one uninvited guest was not impressed at all.
     Princess Peach, had in fact, planned a ball for the exact same day, unaware of the couple’s anniversary date. She had spent a great sum of money as well, but the activities planned still did not match up to those planned for Madame and Wario’s party. Peach did not believe that someone with such a villainous past, like Wario, who once went after her beloved Mario, should be worthy of hosting such a fine party – a party fit for a superstar. That just seemed ludicrous to her. Jealousy and envy took over Peach as she reflected on her reputation. She had gained a particularly clumsy reputation when it came to parties. It seemed that whenever Peach had a party or ball, tragedy struck when Bowser arrived unannounced, kidnapped her at once, trapped the guests, and then set her beloved Mario on a long and restless journey to find her. Bowser was the perfect example of why she thought so lowly of villains and did not think it was possible for a villain to change.
     Over the years, less and less guests attended her parties and more and more guests transferred their attention to Madame and Wario. So, Peach decided that she would take matters into her own hands this time. She sent a letter to Mario and his brother, Luigi, asking for their assistance in stopping the couple’s party from happening. Peach thought that since the guests at Madame and Wario’s party would have nothing to do after she had taken Wario away, they would have no choice but to attend her party instead. After all, they would not go out of their way to help Wario anyway. They were villains, weren’t they?
     Madame, being a heroic figure herself, did maintain many friendships with heroes; therefore, there was quite a mix of faces at the couple’s estate once the party began. Madame’s good friend Hermione had come, after all, she was on summer break from Hogwarts, and Madame’s best friend, Rosalina, had floated down from her outer-space conservatory up in the sky to celebrate the couple’s anniversary. She even brought one of her precious Lumas with her to join in the fun. Wario, on the other hand, was busy at the bar with his buddies from many backgrounds. His good friend Puss in Boots was flirting with Madame’s Siamese lioness, Gooba, while he was busy conversing with Snow Miser at the bar. Snow Miser was currently helping make the coldest drinks anyone had ever tasted. He had come down from his snow kingdom up in the north clouds just to strut at the party and have a dance with Madame.
     Sesshomaru, an acquaintance of Wario’s, was standing intimidatingly in the middle of the floor, staring wonderingly at the couple’s multitude of gaming technology in the arcade section of the room. He and Wario had met when Wario accidentally traveled to futile Japan using a proto-type time machine he had made at his toy factory the year before. He had transported through an enchanted well and had flown halfway across the world just to attend the couple’s party. Wario had promised him a mink earlier that year if he attended the celebration.
     Jack Skellington sat next to Wario at the bar, wishing he had a stomach to try a drink with. He had accidentally sleepwalked into town just days before the party, and because he and Madame had met once before, the couple let him stay a few nights. Jack Skellington and Madame had met at a Halloween party when Jack had attempted to frighten Madame. However, instead of getting scared, Madame reacted positively to the prank and befriended the skeleton at once.
     All was well at the party and there were over 64 guests in attendance – which was a good sign since 64 just happened to be Madame and Wario’s shared favorite number. Just as the couple was about to toast to one successful year of marriage, a most disliked and uninvited guest burst through the floor right next to where Wario was standing. Peach jumped through the big, green pipe as it sprung up from the ground followed by two familiar faces in red and green overalls, Mario and Luigi.
     “You are not worthy of being a superstar!” Peach spat in a jealous rage towards Wario as she jumped down from the pipe. The crowd at the party gasped and the sound of someone’s champagne glass dropping to the ground and breaking sauntered through the air.
     Before anyone thought fast enough to react, Mario grasped Wario’s left arm, Luigi gripped Wario’s right arm, and the two brothers leaped up into the air, Wario held tightly in their grip. Judging by his frantic expression, Wario was clearly in shock, as were the guests at the party. Mario, Luigi, and Wario speedily landed on top of the pipe and in no more than a moment’s time, the pipe sucked them in and down they went.
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