Monday, January 9, 2012

Meet Gooba! =3 *bawls*

     Being a giant Siamese lioness, Gooba possesses extreme pride, believes she is worthy of royal treatment, and has a subconscious belief that she is secretly a princess. Both long-limbed and speedy, she is able to carry Madame on her back and travel long distances very quickly. Her agility also adds to Madame’s power when Gooba assists Madame in battle, however, she is a mighty chicken and a coward and gets spooked by most things quite easily. Her assistance in battle is rare for this reason alone. She does have one weakness due to her pride. If materials are in view that could manifest themselves to look like a throne or a perch, Gooba surrenders all other circumstances and insists on perching atop the makeshift/apparent throne in hopes of being praised for her beauty.

Example of Gooba’s weakness for make-shift thrones and perches:
 In photo, Gooba sits atop a make-shift pile that resembles a throne in her mind. In that instance, she flees from battle and perches atop the throne, becoming quite useless to Madame in her need of assistance.

In the next blog post, Pinky will be revealed with all of her cute and adorable sidekick-ness!!

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