Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Introducing MadameWario!


Health - 5, Strength – 4, Race - Human

Regular Stats: (40 Points Total)
Athleticism - 9
Charisma - 8
Common Sense - 6
Knowledge - 6
Quick Thinking - 5
Speed – 6

Giant N64 Controller (manipulates what enemies are doing for a short period)
Coin producing gloves (used to throw coins at or distract enemies)
Rainbow Road Ribbon (when whipped at an enemy, it makes them glow in the dark)

Characteristics: (Scale of 1-10)
Compassion - 8
Courage - 7
Loyalty - 10
Persistence – 9

Special Abilities:
Super Command Words: "Werrrk," "Pimp," "Face Lift," & "Fierce"
Fierce Dance (dance that causes enemies to forget what they are doing)
Pimp Transformation (transform into a blinding figure made of rhinestone bling)

Gooba (traveling lioness)
Pinky (sidekick)

About MadameWario

     Hey guys! It’s MadameWario! I am the ultimate super-pimp, ultra fierce gaming girl, and the wife of that villain-gone-good, Wario. Because of my compassionate nature, I was able to transform my husband from a greedy villain to a superstar hero. One thing I love to do is party, Mario Party style of course, because collecting stars and coins while playing mini-games just too much fun! I have an extremely flexible way of being as I am a dancer, and therefore I have certain ultra-athletic powers that aid me in battle whenever I say certain super command words. My favorite words are pimp, fierce, and werrrk, and I can use them against you, if you aren’t careful. Here, let me explain my powers a little better. =]
Power #1 – Fierce Dance
Command Word – “Werrrk!”
Twice as powerful if used with – Snow Miser (dance partner)
Definition: When the word “Werrrk!” is yelled in a fierce way, MadameWario busts out in an intricate dance that stuns enemies into a state of oblivion and makes them forget what they are doing for a short period of time. If used against an enemy that is prone to dancing, the enemy will start dancing too, delaying their consciousness for an even longer period of time.
Ineffectiveness: The Fierce Dance is ineffective in dim lighting or towards any enemy that cannot see very well.

Power #2 – Pimp Transformation
Command Word – “Pimp”
Twice as effective in – moonlight
Definition: When the word “Pimp” is commanded in a fierce way, MadameWario transforms into a figure made of rhinestone bling. This power can blind enemies in darkness or in light. It can also serve as a luring power when the side effect of attraction is caused to an enemy or foe.
Ineffectiveness: Not very effective when used in water or fog.

Weapon Power #1
Command Word – “Face Lift” (after Madame’s favorite Mario Party mini-game)
Most powerful against – video game characters
Definition: On Madame’s “face lift” command, a giant purple Nintendo 64 controller swells out of her glove. She may then use the controls to manipulate enemies for 64 seconds at a time. This weapon can only be used 6 times daily and 4 times nightly.
Ineffectiveness: Useless against ghosts, amoeba, or bodies without substance/structure.

Weapon Power #2
Command Word – N/A
Twice as powerful against – greedy enemies
Definition: These coin producing gloves, a wedding gift from Wario (proof that his greed has concluded), can be used to disperse coins to either throw at enemies, or to distract them, raising attack power.
Ineffectiveness: Hard-shelled enemies and enemies with no use for money are not affected by these coin producing gloves.

Weapon Power #3
Command Word – “Fierce”
Twice as powerful against – fast enemies
Definition: A piece of Rainbow Road from the twinkly, star-lit path featured in Mario Kart 64, this ribbon casts a spell over enemies when whipped at them, causing them to glow in the dark, weakening their speed, and making them plainly visible at all times in darkness.
Ineffectiveness: Has no effect in light.

MadameWario’s Weakness &
Top Characteristic
     My obsession is anything that is extremely cute and adorable (like my super kawaii sidekick Pinky), and in a way, that is kind of my weakness too, but don’t tell anypimp! Keep in mind that my loyalty is immense, and I will never betray my friends or loved ones. Lies are cruel to me and I am generously honest with my dream team members.

MadameWario’s General Info:
Age: 21 years
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Strength: Dance Ability
Top Characteristic: Loyalty
Weakness: Cuteness
Favorite Game: Mario Party
Favorite Words/Command Words:
Pimp, Fierce, Werrrk
Sidekicks: Gooba & Pinky
Stay tuned for more updates! Next time, learn all about one of MadameWario's two sidekicks, the incredible giant transportation lioness... GOOBA!!! =D It's almost time for adventure!!