Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Animal Crossing City Folk Giveaway Winners Announced!

The winners of my Animal Crossing City Folk Giveaway have been announced! Thank you so much to all pimps who participated and congratulations to our three fierce winners! I look forward to more giveaways and contests in the future! -MW

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

ACCF Contest/Giveaway - Closed.

The Animal Crossing City Folk Giveaway is now closed! Thank you so much to all who participated! =] I have been sorting through entries. The winners will be announced next week. You guys rock! I love my fierce pimps! -MW

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Animal Crossing City Folk Giveaway!

Hey Guys! It’s MadameWario and it’s also giveaway time! =D I am hosting my very first giveaway to celebrate my current project, Animal Crossing City Folk. There are three prizes total and three ways to win. All you have to do is read the general rules and guidelines for each giveaway and send your answers to the questions for each contest in an email with the subject “ACCF” to madamewariogiveaway@yahoo.com. After that, you are good to go!


1.      You can enter all three contests, but keep in mind that you are only eligible to win one. I did this because I do not want only one pimp to win all three prizes. =P
2.      IF YOU ARE UNDER 18, PLEASE GET YOUR PARENT’S PERMISSION BEFORE ENTERING! If you are selected as a winner, you will have to share your address with me so that I can send you your prize, so PLEASE get your parent’s permission first!
3.      If the contest information you provide in your email is not correct (such as question answers), you will not be entered in the drawing for that/those particular contests.
4.      If entering all three contests, please do so in just ONE email.
5.      Please send your email with the subject “ACCF” to minimize confusion.
6.      Be sure to include either your username or the name you wish to go by in your email for when the winners are announced.
7.      You’re only a pimp if you follow the rules. ;] Have fun!


#1 ACCF Giveaway!

Grand Prize!

- 1 Animal Crossing Gamecube Game (signed by me)

- 1 Mini Animal Crossing Plushie (Your Choice)

- 1 Little Bell Bag

HOW TO WIN: This is the main giveaway for ACCF. All you have to do is name ALL ELEVEN of the residents we have had in New Pimp so far. The reason for doing this is so I will know if you have really watched the project…or if you just want free stuff! =P Careful not to forget anyone before entering!

#2 New Pimp Giveaway!

Second Prize!

-1 Mini Animal Crossing Plushie (Your Choice)

HOW TO WIN: Answer the following 6 questions regarding Pimphood and New Pimp. This is for all you fierce pimps out there who have been here through it all!

Question #1: What kind of fruit was NOT part of the “Tunnel of Trees” in Pimphood?

A.    Oranges     B. Apples     C. Peaches     D. What fruit?

Question #2: Which character was NOT a member of the four original Mean Pimps?

A.    Cookie   B. Monique   C. Bluebear   D. Pinky   E. Candi

Question #3: In Pimphood, who got stuck in a tree?

A.    Kody     B. Bluebear     C. Monique     D. Pinky

Question #4: In Pimphood, which character was “Fierce”?

A.    Kody     B. Pierce     C. Rizzo     D. Buzz

Question #5: Who was the very first neighbor we met in New Pimp?

A.    Roald     B. Tiffany     C. Peanut     D. Rowan

Question #6: In New Pimp, what happened to Madame’s hair the first time she had it done?

A.    it turned blue     B. it turned pink     C. it turned green
D. nothing

#3 Pinky Giveaway!

Third Prize!

-1 Mini Pinky Plushie

HOW TO WIN: Answer the following 5 questions regarding Pinky. This is for all you fierce pimps out there who have been here through it all!

Question #1: What town is Pinky originally from?

A.    Hogwarts   B. Degrassi   C. Pimphood   D. New Pimp

Question #2: What is Pinky’s favorite TV show?

A.    Degrassi     B. Family Guy     C. Flavor of Love
D. South Park

Question #3: What was the word used in Pinky’s favorite letter?

A.    Poop     B. Butt     C. Party     D. Sex

Question #4: What item did Pinky keep stealing from us during the 12 Days of Pimpmas?

A.    Clothes     B. Festive Trees     C. Festive Candles
D. Fossils

Question #5: On which episode did Pinky move to Pimphood?

A.    #40     B. #30     C. #20     D. #10


Winners will be announced in a video on Youtube the week of July 17, 2011. All contestants with the correct answers for each contest entered will be eligible to win. If you get all answers correct in the contest(s) you enter, your name will be placed in with all other contestants’ names who answered correctly, and the winner will be drawn out of a hat. Good luck! =D

Have fun and thank you guys so much for participating!


 (If you enter more than one contest/giveaway, please do so in just one email.)

CONTEST ENDS: 7/10/2011