Sunday, March 13, 2011

3/13/2011 Spring Break!

Okay, so I finally have time to make a new entry, because........IT'S SPRING BREAK!!! =D =D =D Holy wow, I could not wait for this to get here! Seriously, for not even having that many classes at school, I am busy, busy, busy. X_x It's nice to have some time to myself for once. Even on break, there is so much to do, but luckily I can say that it is for myself and not for a teacher. =] So right now I am playing Animal Crossing for GCN. For those of you who watched my Springtime in Pimphood special recently, you will find it funny that right now I am standing by the wishing well with Pinky walking around steaming. She is STILL mad! XD Oh well, she will get over it........she just did! =P Cookie is here too and the two are exchanging outfits. Instead of wearing the heart shirt like she normally does, Pinky is now wearing the K.K. Slider shirt I made hah. She even shared it with Cookie. Oh! I also found Monique for as unfortunate as that is...oh well, at least she's not standing here right now.

So anyway, my spring break plans go a little like this: dance, choreography, write my show, crochet, dance, sew, play animal crossing, dance, catch up on Mario Party 5, catch up on some Youtube videos, dance, go spring shopping, make new items for my shop, dance, create some new pieces of art, finish those two projects I still have to work on for school at the last possible second. Oh, and did I mention dance? =P Anyway, I have already had an absolutely amazing weekend and start to Spring Break so I am happy for that. My spring break festivities literally started an hour after my final mid-term. XD So yeah, it's been great!

Hmm, I think I need a rant like last time...well not so much a rant, but something I noticed last time I went shopping. =P So I was in Victoria's Secret, and did you ever (if you are a girl anyway) notice how many teenie-bop teenage girls bring their boyfriends with them to bra shop? Not to mention the not-so-teenie-bop-anymore-girls. They walk around like they are trying to impress their dude while he is far too busy looking 100% bored out of his mind. XD I'm thinking, "Chick...sorry, but there is no way he is going to get all turned on right now and want you when you are holding that plain, boring white bra in your hands." No rhinestones? No Okay, so I am a dork when it comes to pieces of clothing that people will never see. XD But yeah, you can't just buy stupid plain, boring crap and expect that dude you are with to get excited over it. These people don't really know what "unique" means I guess. Also, as far as the teenie-bops go, I usually end up thinking, "Hun...there is nothing down there. Do you even wear a bra yet?" X_x No wonder there are so many teen pregnancies... So yeah, to all the girls reading, I am pretty much 640% sure that your boyfriend is not interested in that white bra you planned on buying this Saturday. So go ALONE! Not only that, but I like to pick out things like that for myself and not have some dude practically falling asleep behind me. Ever heard of "mystery" people? But, yeah. I think I am done with that now. XD =P Glad I got that all cleared up, but I thought it was something that was both funny, and just random to bring up. I like to share passing thoughts. =]

Well by this time, Pinky is in the Tiki Shirt, and has black clouds puffing out of her ears so I need to go cheer her up. Hopefully I can get another blog entry in here this week while I am on break, but if not, thanks for reading this and have a great week everypimp! Peace out!!