Sunday, February 6, 2011

SEX! (The first entry that has nothing to do with sex, but everything to do with pimps...maybe.) 2/7/2011

Hey pimps! It's MadameWario, here to talk about random events from last weekend! As a basic overview, I am mainly going to talk about Anime due to the Anime convention I recently went to and then within that a little gaming stuff too. Anyway, here goes!

So last weekend I went to my very first anime convention ever. It was Ohayocon in Columbus, Ohio. I had never been to an anime con before so I have to admit I was really excited. For those of you wondering, I am more of an oldies anime person...well I didn't really know that before, but after attending this convention, I definitely found that out. XD Who knew, the animes I am so obsessed with are now considered "old" in the American-Japanime fan world? =P See what you think anyway. Obviously I love Pokemon, but aside from that I am also a HUGE InuYasha fan and love Fruits Basket and Chobits as well. Having my "oldness" brought to my attention though, I recently (as in yesterday XD) started and finished watching all of Lucky Star. It was so CUUUUTE! I really want to make plushies of the characters now! But I'm getting side tracked. =P I'll talk about that in a minute.

Back to Ohayocon, I was really eager to see what all the fuss would be about. Surprisingly, it was mostly about Kingdom Hearts of all things! Followed closely by Black Butler, Ouran High School Host Club (which I have never watched either, but have heard only good things about), and then Lucky Star, which is why I decided to watch that show. Seems like everyone there was carrying a keyblade at some point or another...although I was not one of them seeing as I had no cosplay stuff at all. D= I even got hit on by a Roxas and I was all like "Put a shirt on!" So yeah, it was interesting. Also, I was introduced to the art of Vocaloids which I found insanely fierce! I wanted to download the program right then, but I didn't have a computer! So my mind was going crazy with ideas only to come home and discover the program is actually $16,000!!! yen. =P So yeah it's about $160.00 or so in US money. I'll have to download a demo first to make sure it's what I really want though. I am even more particularly interested in the Vocaloid dance programs that are becoming available in Japan. That way I can make music videos to go with songs too! I found that really exciting. They are even releasing a Vocaloid program that turns your dancing into an anime video with Miku on Xbox 360's Kinect software. It makes me want to buy an Xbox 360 with Kinect, but I think I'm going to wait until it is more developed and released in the US.

Other than all that Vocaloid jazz though, there was also a Nintendo conference. =D Being myself I ended up talking about Mario Party for the most part. It was a lot of fun though. I was actually kind of surprised by how "Nintendo" illiterate most people were there. =/ I actually knew more about everything than most people in the conference, and even I don't know much compared to some of my friends! I was surprised nonetheless. Moving on though, late at night there wasn't a whole lot to do there, so I found myself in a conference room full of Sailor Moon anime porn! D= I don't know about you, but something about a cartoon penis and stuff kinda turns me off. It even scares me a little...not to mention how Sailor Moon's chest magically grows when she doesn't have a shirt on. O_O I guess we all have our things though. XD Anime porn (I can't remember the real word for it) definitely is not one of mine though. =P

Getting off of that subject though, I'll move on to talk about what I ended up buying there. I ended up with a Jigglypuff pillow, Sesshomaru blanket, a Furuba Kagura keychain, a pair of Magical DoReMi earmuffs, and 6 plushies!!! =3 They were all so cute and squishy...I couldn't resist!!! =D Now that that's out of the way, as promised I am going to talk a little bit about Lucky Star. Overall it was absolutely adorable, but totally girly. =3 Something about shows that are based around schools and such always get me interested. Maybe it's because I was homeschooled and such so it seems a little bit fascinating to me. Who knows, but it's basically about all these pimp chicks with colorful hair being cute and going to school...that sounds incredibly boring, but it is actually very entertaining! I love Miyuki-San. She is so cute with her pink hair, glasses, and endless knowledge! She kind of reminds me of myself only without pink hair, glasses, endless knowledge, and with bigger, how did I see myself in her at all? X_x Well the world will never know I guess, but anyway, this is all I am going to write about for now. Hope all you fierce readers out there enjoyed my first entry! Peace out for now! <333


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  1. Lucky Star is great! You should definitely check out K-on! next and The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi if you haven't already. I haven't been to a con myself yet! The disadvantages of being a poor college student. Your LP's are awesome! keep up the great work!